Monday, April 11, 2011

Too much to tell this tired.

It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve posted. I know.

 March to May seems like a long time, but when you attempt to condense an entire country, culture, and nearly 2,400 years of classical tradition within that time frame, the schedule gets tight. After we got back from our Nafplion/Pylos trip, we took a midterm and almost immediately boarded our ferry to Crete. We arrived in Heraklion the next morning and were back to work at the Knossos Palace site the next day. Over the next few days, we visited Phaistos, Malia, Agia Triada, Kommos, and Gournia. Remember these names. I will revisit them in the next few days. Bronze Age Minoan history, archaeology, art, and architecture were fascinating. The complexity and variance from mainland Mycenae was intense and we worked very hard.

At one point we got to swim in the Med. It was my first time swimming in salt water. It was super relaxing. I also took a pretty high jump off of a cliff face into the water. This trip is a pretty big departure for me from my normal comfort zone. That wasn’t tough in comparison.

It was on the Crete trip that my evening readings brought me through the book of Daniel. Reading of spiritual triumph of young men in a foreign land was the best medicine for me. I can’t really explain how special that was.

After our week stay in Heraklion and Agios Nikolaos (accompanied by a final exam), we caught a ferry back to Athens to write a final paper and prepare for our next class. On Wednesday, we met Maria, our new professor, and went to the National Archaelogical Museum to see some statues (I will repost details and pictures). Thursday took us on a 5 hour ride to Olympia. Three days later and we are in Delphi. It’s a whirlwind of time, space, and glorious history.

I’ll be posting tomorrow. I am healthy, whole, and staying purposeful. I miss my family, but the internet (specifically Facebook and Skype) is a wonderful invention. I also have to thank Levon Helm, Sufjan Stevens, Mumford & Sons, and Nickel Creek (among other quality musicians) for accompanying me on long rides around Greece. We are visiting the classical site here in Delphi (Temples of Apollo and Athena- domain of the Pythia) tomorrow. The food and the weather is good.

I’m going to sleep. I apologize for my lackluster blog spirit. Give me some sleep and keep the internet strong and you won’t be able to hold me back. Thanks for reading. I’ll really bring it next time.

God Bless, 

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