Monday, March 28, 2011

Written (3.25.11) w/o internet:

Tou Evangelismou! Happy Greek Independence Day! I woke up early this morning, strolled through Plaka, had a coffee, quickly walked through the empty Agora, and headed to Syntagma to see the March 25th military procession. It was nice to do that alone. It has also been surprising pleasant to tour without a camera. Since I left my charger at home and had to have one shipped here, I have been forced to enjoy everything I see for its own value since my camera died a few days ago. Enough of my classmates take pictures to keep me from thinking that I won’t be able to see these images again. For now, I can just relax and take it all in.

Me under the Heraldic Lions (but more likely Griffins) Gate at Mycenae. 
Photo by Russell Pfeiffer

The Bay of Nafplion
Photo by Caroline Morse
The Argolid Plain-View from Mycenae
Photo by Russell Pfeiffer
The Excavations at Pylos
Photo by Russell Pfeiffer 

We rolled into Athens yesterday after our six day Peloponnesian Tour of Nafplion, Pylos, and the surrounding sites. The hostel we stay at in Athens has a coffee bar, and internet cafĂ©, and a laundromat. I had a cappuccino at about 5am and tried to connect to the internet for the rest of the evening. It’s wonderful to exchange emails from home. I don’t know if I could have done this trip twenty years ago. It’s nice to know what is going on in good old Illinois.

I think that the thing that separates me from most people abroad is that my ultimate goal is to make it home as a better person with more experience and knowledge. The consensus seems to be that you need to expand your horizons and leave simplicity behind. Odysseus needs to end up at home. The whole point of the adventure is that Bilbo can return to the Shire victorious and content.

The procession today was a great show. Every branch of Greek military was represented along with a full brass band for each group. They were all well dressed and carried American weapons. The Special Forces followed the Air Force, Army, Navy, and General Officers, and everyone carried their applicable gear. The following pictures are from last year. I still don't have my camera.

UPDATE- Took a ferry to crete 3.27.11-Update about that later. Everything is pretty fantastic at the moment. It's alot to take in. 

God Bless!!!

Eddie Kristan

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  1. Kudos to Russell Pfeiffer for the mad photography skills!